Being a 6’2” male with a few years of lifting under my belt, I was recruited onto the crew team at Rutgers. It took me a semester to learn that it simply wasn’t for me (too much cardio). However, I am extremely thankful for that experience because it has helped morph me into the morning person I am today. I used to have to wake up before 6am to make those 7am practices on the far away Cook Campus. That has conditioned me to now be the 4:30am riser I am today.

So now what?

Lifting had always been a supplement to the sports I was playing. I started p90x during the end of the summer following my freshman year of high school. P90x taught me a lot and was a great introduction into lifting weights. I began truly lifting sometime during my sophomore year. I was addicted, and now that I found myself without a sport, lifting BECAME MY SPORT.

“Hey bro, you’re in great shape, do you compete?” This was a question I was asked a few times during my first year of college. I had a friend at the time who motivated me through social media and had just competed in her first bikini competition. I was inspired and my Instagram, @Hejnasty was born. I wanted to document my progress and motivate others in the way that I was pushed to challenge myself.

In my first four physique shows, I looked TERRIBLE. Compared to the others on stage, I looked like a little kid. This humbled me and motivated me to LEARN. I wanted to learn the best, evidence backed protocols for putting on mass and getting lean. This was about the time that I started learning about flexible dieting and utilizing the compound movements a bit more.

Now after many years of practicing my craft, with this eager passion for science and to learn, I am where I am today. Some of my proudest accomplishments include:

  • Co-Founder of Rutgers Powerlifting

  • 5th Place 93kg at the 1st IPF Collegiate World Cup in Minsk, Belarus 2016

  • USAPL NJ State Referee

  • Carbon Supplements Ambassador

  • Creator of the Fat Hejnas

  • Almost ate 20,000 Calories Once

  • Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2018

What’s Next?

I plan on continuing to chase my dreams to make a career in fitness. I absolutely love the science of nutrition and consider one day returning to school to obtain a PhD in it. But for now, I want to educate and motivate others to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone. I plan on taking on a bodybuilding show prep in the future to test my limits (and obtain those striated glutes). If my awkward self can start a YouTube channel then there is no limit to what YOU can achieve if you put in the effort.

One of my biggest goals is to put on as much muscle as possible in the hopes of obtaining a crazy metabolic rate. That means MORE FOOD, and if you have seen my YouTube channel, you know I’m all for big eats. Another passion of mine is entertaining others and taking on food challenges. Check out my YouTube channel if you want to explore that passion of mine as well.

If you would like to skip all of the trial and error that I spent years traversing through, then I would love to help you learn and push towards your fitness goals. With all of my clients I encourage them to ask as many questions as possible. I don’t just want you to look good, I want you to grow and learn so that you can spread this new knowledge to your friends and family to help us all get healthier and more fit.